Bullying is a prevalent form of youth violence, particularly in school settings. […] it is defined by aggressive behavior (i.e., behavior that is intentional and mean) that occurs repeatedly over time and within the context of a power imbalance. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

The students learn by example. If the…

What should change in the elementary education system to prepare kids for a better future?

Today, students begin their elementary formal education as early as three years old. In a society in which both parents have to work due to various personal and social demands, children are put in schools at a very early age. …


To raise a generation with a mode of conduct that matches the integral systems of Nature, the classroom must be turned into a mini-society, where each student feels and understands his or her profit from contributing to the success of the entire society…

Heidi Garcia

Retired teacher of Spanish mainly to Heritage Learners.

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